To Complete Installation:

After a maintenance kit is installed, the maintenance

kit counter must be reset.

1 When printer is on, press the Home to enter into

the menus.

2 Select Administration > Manage Supplies > Reset

Supplies > New Maintenance Kit > Yes

3 Select Service, press OK button.

4 Select Service Access Code, enter service PIN

number. Service PIN numbers are as follows: M601

= 10060111, M602 = 10060211, M603 = 10060311.

Note: Most M600 series use the PIN number for an

M603 printer reguardless if it is an M601 or M602

printer. Use the M603 PIN number on your printer if

you have an invalid number prompt after the code

was entered.

5 Once in the service menu, scroll and select Cycle

Counts. Select Maintenance Count, set this to 0.