4700 Fuser Reset Procedure To clear the Replace Fuser message on an HP 4700 reset, remove old fuser with power on and install replacement fuser. Allow printer to return to Ready state. There are no user resets or fuser count resets to perform on this printer. Determined that customer had replaced old fuser with Depot America A/E fuser and message did not reset. Instruct them to check to see if fuser usage left was set back to 100% and if it is at (0%). The replacement fuser doesn't reset printer, I mentioned that there are cases where a known good replacement fuser (refurbished or OEM) does not reset the printer. In cases where the fuser replacement doesn't reset the printer, the DC controller may need to be replaced along with a new fresh fuser. The fuser contains a fuseable link that is being blown by a defective Dc Controller.

Edward Dayton Technical support Engineer.