HP LaserJet Pro M402, M403, MFP M426, MFP M427 - False tray 2 "Load Paper" message (Emerging Issue)

Issue Description:

The printer displays Load Paper on the control panel even when paper is correctly loaded in Tray 2.


The Tray 2 paper out sensor can become damaged which results in the false message.


1-Replace the Tray 2 paper out sensor (HP Part Number: RM2-5375-000CN).

Please collect following information from the customer:

  • Printer product number, serial number and call case ID number.
  • How many sheets of paper does the customer normally put into tray 2 (full tray, half tray, just a few sheets)?
  • Did the customer experience any of the below issues before getting the false Load Paper message?
  • Cannot pull out Tray 2 from the printer?
  • Cannot push Tray 2 in to the printer?
  • Small part fell from the printer (if yes, please describe it with details)?
  • Abnormal noise (if yes, please describe it with details)?
  • Paper jam? If yes, where did the paper jam occurs? (In Tray 2? In the cartridge? In the rear door?)
  • Was there obvious space between feeding edge of paper and the inside front panel of Tray 2 when the customer saw the issue?