P4010 P4014 P4015 P4510 Series 41.08 & 50.9 Error

P4010/P4510 Series 41.08 Error Isn’t What You Think

We’ve been hearing from lots of technicians who are getting stumped by a 41.08 Error appearing in the error log of HP 4010/P4510 Series printers like the P4014, P4015 or the P4515. If you’ve bumped into this error, you probably know that it almost never displays on the control panel. And if you’ve looked it up in the service manual, you know there’s no information to be found. So how do you fix it? Not the way you probably suspect!

The way to troubleshoot this error, like most problems, is to start by examining the behavior of the printer at the time the error occurred. Typically, the 41.08 error occurs when the printer “hangs” during the time when “processing job” appears on the control panel. The printer usually rotates up and down repeatedly; it may eventually complete the print job, but usually requires cycling the power to resume operation.

At this point, most technicians assume the error is caused by a formatter problem – the error reoccurs after the formatter is replaced. Next, they suspect the DC controller, then the power supply. But the problem actually lies – surprise! – in the fusing unit.

By working closely with repair technicians, we’ve found that the 41.08 error is logged when there’s an issue with the fuser coming up to the correct temperature. (Usually, the 41.08 error occurs only when running from cassette trays. In the past, we’ve found that it’s often possible to print to Tray 1 – the manual feed tray – without triggering the 41.08 error, because of the slight speed difference between this tray and the cassette trays. However, a growing number of technicians are telling us they’re having difficulties with Tray 1 now, too.)

Once you’ve pinpointed the fuser issue, you may be able to resolve it by upgrading the printer’s firmware from Hewlett-Packard’s website. Before you upgrade the firmware, be sure to remove all printer options and accessories, which have occasionally inhibited the firmware from loading correctly. If firmware is loaded with accessories on the printer, you may get a “Clearing Paper Path” error.

If the firmware upgrade doesn’t resolve the 41.08 Error, you’ll likely need to replace the fuser to correct the problem.

Mark G.