Media stopped in the Toner/transfer area:


Open top cover and check under toner cartridge for media or obstructions.


Ensure the Toner Cartridge and Transfer Roller are seated properly.

Inspect the white plastic collar that cradles the drum cartridge that is positioned around the drum drive gear. (Inside rear frame) The collar should look like the one in the picture. If the collar portion is broken and missing a section it will allow the cartridge to insert further than designed and not allow the drum drive to engage with the toner cartridge. Replace the drum drive assembly (RM1-8489-000CN)


If collar is not broken, remove the drum drive motor (M102) and the Drum Drive Assembly (RM1-8489-000CN) and inspect the drive gears for damage. If not damaged, perform a control panel test of the drum drive Motor to help determine if the problem is the motor (RM1-8358-000CN)

Media stopped in the fuser:

Check the media path sensors in the area in sensor test. (PS700) status (Sensor designator C).


If not functional replace the associated part or parts. Fuser assembly (read before replacement)


Verify fuser movement by running motor test.

 Replace fuser drive motor if needed.


If media Did not Stop "IN FUSER" or at "Toner/Transfer Area.

Check Media path between transfer and fuser.

This would included the feed-guide assembly and the Feed-guide belts.

Inspect the small belts in the paper path between the Transfer Roller and the fuser for damage or movement issues. Replace if necessary.

See if Belts are worn, dirty or damaged.

If media has stopped in this area and will not progress beyond feed-guide assembly CLEAN, Repair or Replace the feed-guide assembly

If parts are damage causing media obstruction replace as needed